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Login to Microsoft account without password

Everyone knows that strong passwords for online accounts are very important to ensure online security. However, when it comes to remembering difficult passwords, many people set simple passwords such as mobile phone numbers and dates of birth. And it leads to fatal accidents like account robbery.

On the one hand, the security of your account, on the other hand, the problem of remembering strong passwords. Combining these two, many people set a hard password with a little ingenuity and write it down somewhere. However, if you enter your password this way, you must also ensure that type of security. Therefore, if you have a password, you need to be very careful about its protection.

What if you can sign in without a password? What if the password system could be permanently deleted from your online account? There is no password, so there is no problem to remember the password!

Although it sounds like a dream, Microsoft has introduced this system. The company recently announced in a blog post that you can now say goodbye to the password system from your Microsoft account if you wish. This means that you no longer have to use a password to login to the services of your Microsoft account such as Outlook, Hotmail, Office 365, etc. Instead, you can delete the password from your account.

So how do you sign in? Windows is more secure and easier than password (according to Microsoft). Let's find out now.

SMS or email OTP (one-time password or PIN)

Now you can send a code to your mobile phone to sign in to your Microsoft account. You can sign in to your account by entering that code instead of the password. Not just SMS code. You can also easily login to a Microsoft account by sending such a verification code in the email.

What's Windows Hello ?

There is also a feature in Microsoft's Windows operating system called Windows Hello. This will allow you to verify your password by verifying your PIN, fingerprint and face. You can find out the details of Windows Hello according to your device from here.

What is portable security

If you need a portable solution, you can buy a separate USB security key. This security, like a pen drive, will act as your password when you enter the PC. There is also an NFC-based security key.

Microsoft Authenticator app

There is also the Microsoft Authenticator app. If you have this app installed on your mobile, you can connect this app with your Microsoft account. Later you will be asked for a PIN to sign in to that Microsoft account from somewhere else. Then you will get the PIN by opening the Microsoft Authenticator app. You can login to your Microsoft account using PIN.

But yes, in these cases you need to ensure the security of your phone / email so that no one can take your PIN invisibly.

Ways to turn on login system without password in Microsoft account

Very easy. First sign in to your Microsoft account. Then go to the security settings of your account or directly visit the link https://account.microsoft.com/security and visit the Additional security> Password less account section from Advanced security options. There you can choose the security option of your choice.

If you want to use the Microsoft Authenticator app, learn how to use the Microsoft Authenticator app from here (Microsoft's official guide).